So you don’t want to go to church anymore…

So You Don’t Want To Go To Church Anymore is the title of a book by Wayne Jacobsen and Dave Coleman. I have basically finished the book but was reading in an Appendix that was an article in May 2001 Bodylife.

I read this

When we only ascribe the term “church” to weekend gathering or institutions that have organized themselves as “churches”, we miss out on what it means to live as Christ’s body. It gives us a false sense of security to think that by attending a meeting once a week we are participating in God’s Church.

Conversely I hear people talk about “leaving the church” when stop attending a specific congregation. But if the church something we are, not someplace we go, how can we leave it unless we abandon Christ himself?

I find this line of thought to resonate within me to a deeper level. I can not see myself as no longer a part of the church I served faithfully for almost 3 years. We are still part of the Church I am just not with that part of the body. That part of my journey of faith has taken me away from that body.

It reminds me of a section earlier in the book that Jake (main character) was saying that you are to follow the conviction that God settles in your heart over time. It may not even be your decision to leave. It wasn’t our decision to leave.  As I think about our situation our freedom is what God wanted for us. I am exploring the idea that God may have moved us away from GVBC for allowing me to walk closer to God and continue this journey.

I am scared and excited about where it will lead us as a family, but if it moves me and my wife to trust God and be closer to Him, it will be worth it.


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