i feel lost

i feel lost. I was so confident and sure of where God was leading us. But now…i feel lost.

My wife shared with me some thoughts the other day. I hate to say I understand her thoughts. (I will keep them to myself) but I am thankful she shared thoughts with me. I am so excited about her desire to be involved in ministry. I am also heartbroken that the current situation has her not wanting any part of it.

Separate but similar thoughts in my head…

We have visited a couple churches. It is so weird to be at a church with people I do not know without being able to tell them what I do or have done. I am still called to be a minister to students and their families. I am a dad and father but I still feel somewhat like less of a man because I am unemployed. I know that I am not defined by job or title. The world says otherwise and it is weird.

I feel lost.


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