Home Sweet home…

I have a new mantra: I want to be famous in my home.

I can’t get that out of my head. I spent most of yesterday hanging out with Jeffery Portmann and the Northwest Ministry Network. We were talking about family and our desire to see our kids grow up to love God. He made that statement: I want to be famous in my home. And it resonated so deeply with me. I love it. I want to live it.  via Evotional.com.

Just read this from Mark Batterson’s blog. I have been home so much since the lay off.

I do have a desire to be famous in my home. I know that I desperately want to be famous in my home. If I am not famous anywhere else it would be cool to know that my family loves and respects me. I believe that if I please God with/ in everything then that is a good start.

I do know that one person in my family thinks I am pretty cool stuff. He is my son. He is a cute little Charlie Brown kid.

I have enjoyed seeing my boy grow bigger and be able to sit up and coo and babble to me. I will put him in his chair near me as I am filling out applications and we will make silly noises and smile at each other.

It kinda is fun and silly. I hope we are able to do the same 6- 12 years from now. Well maybe not making faces and cooing but at least being silly with each other and enjoying each others company.


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