Student Ministry — Serving the Church

Not sure why it did not post with the credit but I read this on Brad Cooper’s Blog.

God has given me a conviction. That conviction is to serve the Church. That service can flesh itself out in multiple ways, but today i want to speak to a very specific conviction that God has given me as a Student Pastor.

Before i tell you the details of my conviction, i need to set it up with 2 words — LECTURE & LAB.

All my college readers know exactly what these 2 words describe, many of their classes require BOTH in order to pass.

The LECTURE is where students receive the principles that make up their course of study.

The LAB is the safe environment where students practice those principles…. it’s called EXPERIMENTATION.

Now back to my conviction —

* I am convicted & convinced that one of the major ways that student ministries can impact the local church is through SERVICE.

* I am convicted & convinced that student ministry teams can accomplish that by providing a “LABORATORY” for Experimentation.

As a student pastor i must embrace the fact that Right Theology will never change — BUT —- Methodology will ALWAYS CHANGE.

One of the observations that I have made in my time as a student pastor is that students are receptive to change — infact some prefer it —-


I thank Jesus i work @ a church and in a culture where i am given the freedom to take risks… i am given the freedom to fail…

— That freedom is a tool that MUST BE UTILIZED —

We must take advantage of our LABORATORIES OF EXPERIMENTATION.

* We Experiment with Worship Style —

* We Experiment with Environments —

* We Experiment with Groups —

* We Experiment with Technology —

* We Experiment with Programming —

* We Experiment…

Youth Workers/Student Pastors/Senior Pastors/Church Leaders —- Do you recognize the POTENTIAL that exists in your student ministry? Do you recognize the LABORATORY it can be or become for your churches current obstacles?


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