Riding my Bike

I really really love riding my bike. I have owned a few bikes. Here is a post to tell you a little about them and in turn cover some of my cycling journey.

My first bike was a black BMX I sold it and it was in great shape for a bike that I rode as much as that one. I still remember riding up Carann St. in Staunton. I was pretty proud of myself for riding up that steep of a hill on my BMX bike.

When I sold it i wanted to buy a mountain bike. It weighed a ton  It was a Fox River with rear bike rack. It left me stranded while I was finishing up my 50 mile bike ride for Bicycling merit badge. My dad gave me the hybrid that he had borrowed and told me to try to catch the other people we were riding with. I rode farther than he expected me to while waiting for my dad and mom to catch up and provide SAG support as I finished it up.

I then bought a Haro Hybrid bike. It was bright I mean BRIGHT neon yellow. It was so much lighter than my mountain bike. I enjoyed riding that bike. It was fun because it was a lot faster than a mountain bike. It was also much lighter than the Fox River mountain bike.

In college I was at Rockfish Gap Outfitters in Fishersville, VA and found a 1997 Cannondale  SuperV700. Tangerine and Black. It had a Rockshox fork on the front. Cannondale was just introducing the headshock and from what I have heard I am glad that I got the Rockshox on the front. I have ridden this bike for 13 years. I have ridden it in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. I ridden it on the road and trail. Just recently I have been getting on the trail and really enjoying trail riding again. (I sold to a friend two weekends ago, sad to see it go, but glad for the extra room in the shed )

When we moved to North Carolina the second time I was able to use the tax refund for my first road bike. I was able to get a Scott S40 Speedster. In 2008, I rode 750miles. In 2009, I rode 1222 miles my goal was 1500miles. I also rode a metric century. It was actually the longest ride I have ever done. 72 miles in one day. I kinda wish now that I ridden around for three miles so that I could have ridden 75miles. After doing that I am not sure I am interested in do a century (100 miles).

Finally just a couple weekends ago, I was at NOC They were having their GAF and I found a Jamis 650b1 marked way down and was able to convince my wife to let me get it. There was no way I could have afforded this bike. I have ridden it twice on two trails and I really like it. I am looking forward to many trails in the future.

Keep on riding.

Update I was able to pick up this bike at Performance Bike. So I could have a bike to ride with the family. It is a Diamondback Insight RS. Now all I need is a seat for my son and a new bigger bike/ helmet for my daughter. I will work on getting their mom a bike later.

A friends blog. 1019project.org

People for bikes


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