What a day…

Today was a productive day. I took my daughter to school. I came home and checked on my wife who was not feeling well. She was sleeping and has been feeling better.  I then sat down, put some jazz music on iTunes, and made a cup of coffee. I then read a job websites and applied to three positions.I think I just need to follow-up with one of them.

I then ate lunch with my wife. I then was able to go out and get a nice 26 mile bike ride. It was sunny 71 degrees and calm. I saw a bunch of guys out riding. It felt good today. I have a busy day tomorrow as well.

My counselor has asked for me to pray about areas of pride in my life and where exactly God would have me in a future ministry position. On a completely random note, I received an email from my friend’s church who is looking for a youth pastor. It will be interesting to see where God is going with all that.


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