keep quiet

Wow what a crazy couple weeks since my last post. I will recap a few things. Our counselor has had us read a booklet about bitterness. Ouch! It is my responsibility to ask for forgiveness from God for the sin of bitterness. I have learned that I can not let the root of bitterness take root in me. I must show to all the grace of God not matter what the circumstance. That has been hard to swallow because  I know that I have not totally pointed others to Christ.

My counselor asked me to call my former pastor and ask for forgiveness. He gave it and said that he has already forgiven me and said he can understand why there it has been hard.

Today my counselor said that he wants me to call my former pastor (once removed) and do the same. It is such a hard thing to think about doing. I guess that means I have/ had been holding on to bitterness and it in turn has hurt me. One of my closest friends agrees that it is something that I have to do if I am ever going to be effective in ministry in the future. Please pray as I work on it this week.


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