church membership

Joining a church! Told the pastor of the church we are now attending that we want to join the church. A couple of thoughts…

  1. This is the first church we have joined as a family that has not been tied directly to me being on staff. (I love it I am free to minister wherever and with whatever God leads me too)
  2. My daughter is so excited about the church. She gets up early and gets herself ready on Sundays. She sings with me in the service.
  3. I get to drive to church with my family. I love it. May seem like not much to most people but I have never had that opportunity since seminary.

Church membership is so important and it really is amazing that my heart desires to unite with any body of believers. God has done so much to make my heart be in this spot and have this desire.

After the last church situation, I have thought and said that I do not feel like I would ever want to be a part of a church again. I would have preferred to stay the one who just comes on Sundays and never really builds any strong relationships with anyone.

This church has really loved and opened themselves to love and care for us. They have made me and my family feel like family.

This past Sunday May 16 the pastor remembered to call us up and present us to the church. We are officially members.


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