Reading, stretching, and growing!

“Stop thinking of God’s will like a corn maze, or a tightrope, or a bull’s-eye” p25-26. Get it here

I read this earlier this week and I wanted to record some thoughts while I was thinking about it. I am been hoping to examine what God wants me to do next.

  • Am I to stay in a church ministry setting?
  • Is Army Chaplaincy the next step for my family?
  • Should I be looking for a non church job?

Update for this post. I am filling out a questionnaire for a possible youth pastor position.I am not totally sure I am I want to but I am willing to see what God might have planned for our family and my ministry.

I am working on my NAMB endorsement for military chaplaincy. I went by the Army recruiters office today [6-18-2010] and got my body fat measured. I have a 23% body fat. The Army allows 28%. I am really glad. I was really worried about having to lose 20 some pounds. I still want to lose some weight and get in shape but it is not such a vital thing. I meet all the qualifications for an Army chaplain.

I have also filled out at an application for Wells Fargo at the recommendation of a community group member who works there. I am not totally excited about the opportunity but it would mean full time and probably benefits until something else opened up.


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