Three Convictions About Children’s Ministry – Perry Noble

Perry Noble said this and I have to agree with him. I wondering why the children and youth ministries are always the ones that get the leftovers and they are the ones to have the budgets cut first.

It seems to me that the Church is missing the point!

Here are three convictions I have about children’s ministry…

#1 – If you want to reach kids…then you’ve got to spend money on them. It BLOWS me away that church world always seems to be scratching our heads and wondering why kids FLOCK to Disney (even the Baptist ones) but they don’t flock to church. MAYBE it’s because Disney spends “squillions” of dollars on them…and many churches have more money in their graveyard fund than they do their children’s budget. We will spend money on what is important…and I think children’s (and student) ministry is THE most important mission field in the church.

#2 – If you want to reach kids…they’ve got to have fun. When I was growing up “fun” and “church” were never used in the same sentence; therefore, as soon as my mother died and I didn’t have to go to church anymore…I didn’t. Kids are not growing closer to Jesus by being forced to sit and listen…or by coloring (with crayons provided by their parents). They should want to come to church, should look forward to coming to church…and so we unapologetically go all out every week to make sure these kids have a GREAT time.

#3 – If you want to reach kids…they’ve got to learn something. I’ve told our children’s ministry that when parents come pick up their kids that they will ask two questions – the first will be “did you have fun,” and the second will be, “what did you learn?” I think told our children’s team…make sure kids can answer both in a positive way…and THAT’S a win. (BTW…a “WIN” is when the parents and the kids actually talk about what the child learned! When parents and the church work together…its an awesome team!

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2 responses to “Three Convictions About Children’s Ministry – Perry Noble

  1. Agreed ~ all of it. And I would add #4. Adults have to expect something from the kids. Not stillness and quiet and adult behavior, though. Adults have to expect the kids to be there, to contribute to the life of the congregation in ways that are uniquely child-like, and to grow in faith. And I don’t mean ‘expect’ in the condescending way, but ‘expect’ in the ‘we know these kids well enough that we’re genuinely disappointed when they don’t show up’ way. Beyond that, when we provide a safe and supportive environment where there is the expectation that everyone will be working on growth in their faith life, we are providing a place where young (and old) people know that they’re valuable. And we all know the difference between feeling unnecessary and indispensable.


    • I think that is a great point many times we do not want or expect children to participate. I mean I have been a part of churches who restrict the right to vote in church meetings to those over the age of 16 or even 18. I mean really a child can decide if Jesus is their Savior at 5 but cant participate in church meetings until 18 years of age?

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