No Army Chaplaincy for me

Well I found out a while ago March 31 and decided to finish writing a post tonight. April 17.

I was rocking my son tonight and as he stared at me blinking his eyes because he was tired I realized that if I had made the cut medically for Army Chaplaincy I would have missed out a lot on his life. I am thankful that that God knew what He was doing to shut the door in a way that was obvious that it was His decision. I shared earlier that I had some strange things going on with my heart and almost passing out two times. The doctors say that I have extra random heart beats. My wife has known and said this for years. I have thought nothing of it, but as far as the Army is concerned they did not think that it would be a great idea for me to be in the Army. The Bible says that guides people’s hearts and minds and nothing is a surprise to Him. I truly believe that and I believe that it was God’s call and he has other plans for me.

What is pretty crazy is that the army Physical fitness test motivated me to work out consistently and watch what I eat carefully. It has as my wife says that I am in the best shape of our married life. I am truly thankful for that as well.I really do feel better physically. If I do not work out I really miss it as well.

But back to the Army Chaplaincy …..

It hurts that I still do not know/ understand/ see what His reasoning was for me to be laid off and walk though this wilderness period other than to trust Him more and not myself, to rid myself of pride, and deal with my sinful nature. I am ready to move on from the bank and tired of the mess that is associated with my current Job. I know that God has called me to something more and I guess I will just seek to be satisfied with Him and what He has given me until I see the next step.

I still salute and am extremely proud of those who serve our country in the Armed Forces. I pray for God’s protection and His Peace to come to our world.


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