My Bikes

This a diagram of how I would like to spend some of my time!

I really really love riding my bike. I have owned a few bikes. Here is a post to tell you a little about them and in turn cover some of my cycling journey.

My first bike was a black BMX that when I sold it to buy a mountain bike was in almost as good a shape as when my parents bought it for me. I still remember riding up Carann St. in Staunton. I was pretty proud of myself for riding up that steep of a hill on my BMX bike.

I then bought a Mountain bike from Wal-mart or somewhere like that. It left me stranded while I was finishing up my 50 mile bike ride for Bicycling merit badge. My dad gave me the hybrid that he had borrowed and told me to try to catch the other people we were riding with. I rode much farther than he expected me to while waiting for my dad and mom to catch up and provide SAG support as I finished it up.

I then bought a Haro Hybrid bike. It was bright I mean BRIGHT yellow. It was so much lighter than my mountain bike. I enjoyed riding that bike around.

While  in college I rode my 1997 Cannondale SuperV700i: I did a lot of mountain biking my junior and senior year. I rode Monday through Thursday.  I had to march a parade on Fridays.

I was finally able to get a road bike after moving from NC. I have enjoyed riding my road bike. It has been a great purchase.

Then on the way home from speaking at a fall retreat for my buddy I was able to get my new mountain bike with the promise to sell my Cannondale. (i did eventually)

And the final bike in my stable is this one. I bought this one for camping and riding my daughter. I am thinking about using it for commuting to work. I did the Tour de Triad on this bike. I rode 38 miles on this bike in the rain. It rode really well. I eventually returned this bike to the store because I got tired of messing with the fenders rubbing the wheels.

Diamondback InsightRS. Complete with fenders and a rear rack.



Motobecane Fantom CX



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