My Wagons

First Wagon: “THE Volvo”

THE Volvo

Bought my 1989 Volvo 740GL, from my father in law with 137,000 miles on it in September  2001. He bought it in Maryland with 112 miles on it. I have all the records including the original sticker.

I never thought I would own a boxy old Volvo but I do and it is a great vehicle.

We have driven it many places as a family due to the size, AC, and Cruise control. My father and I performed a head gasket replacement last year. At the time of this writing I have 219905 miles on it. I average 21 miles per gallon. 23 on the highway to the beach with bike and family loaded in it.

Second Wagon: “The 6”

Mazda 6

This is only new car we have ever bought. We bought it in Florida at a dealership called MazdaCity. The dealership was impressive.  We were really excited about the automatic climate control and stereo controls on the steering wheel.  It has almost 70,000 miles on it.

God blessed us with this car. It made us  a little nervous when it would not start or shift into gear at about 400 miles. The warranty covered it. The first car I have owned with a warranty. A spring had come loose. They fixed it at MazdaCity. This is such a fun car to drive even if it is a wagon!

Third Wagon: “The NEW one”

The New One

Purchased in September 2008 at Volvo of the Triad. 5 cylinder non turbo.

It gets great gas mileage 22-24 in the city and 28-30 on the highway. I have to replace the spring seats and while I am doing that I will replace the front struts.

I hope that we can keep it rolling and it does not cost an arm and leg to keep it up.

Sold this one off. We needed some cash! I used and sold it in a week!


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